Once upon a moment of clarity

Once upon a moment of clarity, I was being interviewed and the broadcasting was fashioned for self satisfaction in context of a suspicious motive coming by the way of general medium of which i had no means of tapping into what relays on their mind. Now i am writing based on my abstract ideas to conquer those who missions are set to convert your dreams and set goals, to take your place even before you get there, to finish writing the song you began composing, to take credit of the things you invent, to use you because you are free spirited, to maneuver your humble identity etc. In the pinnacle of all this clarity, I retrace my point to the interview section of this composure and how i responded to a particular question shot at me from among the audience of which intuitively i became awaken that this could be the moment those parasitic mediums awaits with their magnetic device switched on to tap into your dreams and make it theirs. Now here goes the question: Please Mr King, Can you tell us where you see yourself in the next 10 years from Today and please explain how you intend to get there! I paused and searched the audience in my vision swiftly and observed an intense anticipation on my response to the question and off course i did responded in this fashion: (WAIT UNTIL I GET THERE!) Hey folks…the idea behind this story line is a tale: Never to share you dream but keep living your dreams and anyone who benefit of it, aligns with the dream.
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Executive Writer: King F. Harrison.